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Since the day I bought my Squishee Foot Massager by Dr. Scholl I have learned that it is more than just your average foot massager. In fact it doesn't even have to be a foot massager for you to get great use out of it. In other words, I have ghd kiss styler used this Squishee Foot Massager by Dr. Scholl as a neck massager and back massager as well. And believe it or not, this massager is great for all these different uses! Since this Squishee Foot Massager by Dr. Scholl is round and of course 'squishy,' this allows you to form and squish the massager anyway you want or need to. It is almost as if it is a small pillow. That's how 'squishy' and soft it is. Therefore ghd uk with this type of 'squishiness,' the Squishee Foot Massager can easily be placed behind your back and neck as if it were a pillow or comfort cushion. But unlike pillows or cushions, this Squishee massager vibrates while providing a very relaxing massage. Squishee Foot Massager by Dr. Scholl PROS The best thing about this Squishee foot massager is that it does not only have to be used on your feet. It works wonders on your back and neck as well. So unlike many cheap ghd other foot massagers that can only be used on your feet, you get a multiuse massager with this Squishee! Another great feature about this Squishee massager is that it is battery operated. That means no cords need to get plugged into the outlet in order for it to work. This feature perfectly complements its ability to be used on your neck and back almost anywhere! CONS One problem that I have with this Squishee foot massager is that it does not have a super strong ugg boots for sale vibration. In other words, the vibration that provides the massaging is somewhat weak. Thus if the pain in your feet, back, or neck is intense, then this Squishee massager would not provide a strong enough massage to actually help ease the pain. PRICE The price for this Squishee Foot Massager will cost you around $25. Stores that typically carry this item include: Wal-Mart, ShopKo,,, and Microbead Technology. With small microbeads inside the Squishee, you can get a soft and comfortable cheap ugg boots massage! It feels just like a pillow! Vibration Settings. There are two main vibration settings on the Squishee, a high and a low vibration. Battery Operated. The Squishee operates from two 'C' batteries. No cord needed! Again the best thing about the Squishee Foot Massager by Dr. Scholl is that it can be used for several different massages. However I do not believe that the strength of its massage vibration is strong enough. So if you have a knot ugg boots sale uk or some strong pain in your foot, back or neck, then this massager is not your best bet to get rid of that pain. I believe this Squishee massager is more for a general relaxing massage on somewhat sore or tight muscles only. Therefore the Squishee Foot Massager by Dr. Scholl receives a 4 out of 5 rating. So is the Squishee worth buying? Yes. I do believe that because of its multiuse capabilities, this Squishee massager is much more useful than your foot massage ugg outlet only machine. This Squishee massager can be very useful for many different needs and best of all you can take it anywhere since it is battery operated!






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